School Policies & Procedures

​​Please use the links below to view St Mark's school policy and procedure documents:

St Mark's School Fee PolicyOct302018.pdf

Enrolment Policy and Procedures.pdf

St Mark's Primary School Complaints Management Policy.pdf 

St Mark's Student Behaviour Support Plan 2019.pdf

School Excursion Incursion and Camp policy.pdf

Administration of Medication Policy.pdf

Uniform Policy and Price List.pdf

Attendance Policy.pdf

Student Acceptable Use of Computer and Internet Resources Agreement.pdf

Homework Policy.pdf

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedure.pdf

Visitors to the School Policy.pdf

Volunteer Code of Conduct.pdf 

Please note it is a requirement of Brisbane Catholic Education that all volunteers be registered and obtain a Blue Card, with the exception to parents and family members of students.   In this instance they are required to complete an online Code of Conduct Training Module.  To complete the training module click here.