StMark's_029 (Mobile).JPGThe school Student Behaviour Support Plan aims to foster the ability to make right choices and the development of self-discipline in each child.  At the beginning of each year, each class, Prep to Year 7, develops a class contract to promote the behaviours, which are required in a happy, safe, learning environment.  Children are made aware of their responsibility for their own actions and the consequences of their actions.

Inappropriate behaviour (or wrong/poor choices) is dealt with by collaboratively developed consequences.  Parents are involved in behaviour management situations that move beyond the classroom situation.


St. Mark's Expectations

At St Mark's everyone:

Strives to do their best

Tolerates and celebrates the differences of all

Makes positive choices

Acts like Jesus in all we say and do

Respects ourselves, others and all property

Keeps our environment beautiful

Safety starts with you - be responsible

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Every year at St Mark’s each class writes a covenant, which outlines the values they want to live by, work by and follow.  A “covenant” is a “promise” and dates back to the time of Noah when God placed a rainbow in the sky as a promise of enduring love for his people.  In the same way, the students show love and respect for each other by living out their agreement to be the best people they can be.  These covenants form a significant part of the behaviour management strategies within classroom.  Teachers regularly refer to their covenant as part of teaching, learning and culture building.  It reminds students how they agreed to treat themselves and one other.