Inclusive Education Program

St Mark’s employs a full time Support Teacher Inclusive Education and two part time school officers who are dedicated to working with students experiencing difficulties. In accordance with the school’s Mission Statement there is a commitment to provide extra assistance to all our students. It is in the planning and implementation of specific programs that cater for both students with learning difficulties or students who need extension activities to enhance their learning that the support team offers assistance.

 The support team also offers class based help working with individuals or groups.  This additional assistance helps support the educational, social and emotional development of our students. Extra support needed by teachers and students is available from Prep to Year 7 where transitioning into high school may be part of the support role.

The School Guidance Counsellor is another important member of the support team, responding to students’ needs by implementing a number of whole school proactive support programs, as well as, working with students and families providing counselling support.

The Support Teacher Inclusive Education and the Guidance Counsellor liaises with all BCE Equity services, medical and educational support services, agencies, teaching staff and parents to help develop and implement and reviews programs aimed at assisting every child to reach their potential.