Information Technology

ICT.jpgTechnology arises from a desire to extend individual and collective human capabilities. People everywhere have always used their ingenuity to create new or improved technology that meets their needs and wants and enhances their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. There is a relationship between people’s values and beliefs and the technology they create and use. Their values and beliefs influence, and are influenced by, technology and its impacts on individuals, societies and environments.

The term ‘technology’ has come to describe such things as:

          • the creative processes used to develop products
          • the products created through these processes
          • the ‘know-how’ related to these processes and products
          • the tools and equipment used.

At St Mark’s all children have access to a network of computers throughout the school, all of which have access to the internet and modern software programs. This network includes a bank of computers in the Library which are available during library lessons and during lunch times. Staff and students also have access to a bank of portable laptops which are capable of accessing the schools wireless network. In addition to this, every classroom has computers connected to the school network. Each classroom is networked to a central server in the school which enables access to the outside world.

Computers are valuable tools that are used creatively at St Mark's to enhance students’ learning outcomes. Our students are taught how to use the internet critically and efficiently within research and problem solving processes.

Additional ICLT equipment used by our teachers and students inclide: iTouches; digital cameras; data projectors, with interactive whiteboards entering the St Mark's learning environment in 2010.