The Arts

arts big.jpgEducation in the Arts is very important at St Mark’s. Through the five distinct and separate strands of Arts Education (Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Media) each student has the opportunity to develop his or her creative talents and skills. Learning in the Arts encourages students to acknowledge and value the variety of cultural perspectives at St Mark’s school. We bind our multicultural community through the learning, sharing and expression of the Arts.

All classes from Prep to Year 6 attend music lessons each week where students make music and develop the ability to think and express themselves in sound by aurally and visually identifying and responding to, singing and playing, reading and composing music.

Drama classes are provided for as part of the classroom program where students develop confidence and self-awareness by expressing and communicating feelings, actions and consequences through a range of activities such as dramatic play, role-play, improvisation and play building.

Our students have the opportunity to be part of a Choral Music Festival as St Mark’s is one of 12 schools participating in this choir with 300+ children.

In assisting to provide enhancement opportunities for our students, St Mark’s has engaged the skills of qualified instrumental teachers from CreativeKidz on Stage.  Students participate in guitar, piano and percussion lessons and demonstrate their abilities to parents in a concert at the end of each year as well as during assemblies.  Students’ social skills, communication skills, self-concepts, co-operative talents and creative mind are nurtured through their participation in the CreativeKidz program.

The love of dance within our students is also nurtured by our participation in the Dance Cart program.  This helps to improve self-expression, coordination, respect, etiquette, team-work and sportsmanship within all our children from Prep –year 6.  The term’s program is brought to a conclusion with a showcase evening of dance where students, staff and parents come together in a fun community event. 

Students from Years 4 – 6 are provided with visual art lessons led by a specialist teacher.  Much of their work is entered into art competitions both inside and outside of the St Mark’s environment.  An Art Festival is held biennially in conjunction with our Poetry Festival with every student participating in some way. 

Our biennial Multicultural Fiesta also features a comprehensive art gallery that sees many interested visitors.  An art auction is also often a component of the art gallery with professional looking canvases up for sale. 

Every December students look forward to the Christmas Concert which is one of the biggest nights of the year for St Mark’s. There are performances by the Choir, class groups and even the teachers that involve singing and dancing and a whole lot of fun.

These are some of the many ways our students are provided with opportunities to display and demonstrate acquired music, dance, visual and media competencies and skills at St Mark’s.​