Mission Statement

Centred on Jesus Christ, St Mark's Catholic Primary School

strives to nourish and celebrate a Catholic Christian way of life

where everyday experiences are recognised as places where God is present. 

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Faith: St Mark's...
  • Supports the faith development of each member of the school community towards a greater awareness of their dignity as people of God.
  • Gives expression to the Catholic faith and tradition through opportunities to celebrate through prayer and liturgies.
  • Acknowledges those differences, which nurture growth and understanding thus providing equal opportunities for all, in the spirit of social justice.

Child: St Mark's...

  • Approaches education holistically by developing the child physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically.
  • Acknowledges the unique talents and skills of the individual, developing in them a sense of self-worth and optimism.
  • Seeks to reveal and develop each member's faith character, abilities and potential.

Academic: St Mark's...

  • Encourages academic excellence through positive acknowledgement.
  • Strives to meet the needs of students, taking into consideration their abilities, background and aspirations geared towards achieving academic excellence through a fl​exible and evolving curriculum.
  • Operates inclusive ESL programs and learning support programs that allow each child to reach their potential.

Community: St Mark's...

  • Celebrates the diversity of our community.
  • Fosters an open communication between students, parents, staff, clergy and the parish community.
  • Accepts all members of our community will be accepted and their contributions recognised and valued.
  • Acknowledges those differences thus nurturing growth and understanding.

Environment: St Mark's...

  • Functions within an environment that values both consistency and a strong sense of purpose.
  • Encourages the development of self-discipline, courtesy, compassion and good conduct in order to achieve an atmosphere of care and respect in a safe learning environment.
  • Is a place where optimism is evident.

St Mark's Vision for Learning

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