The School Library is central to the learning and teaching program of the school and is the personal and shared resource of each member of the school community.

The Teacher Librarian plans in co-operation with each class teacher. The library program aims to support and encourage the information literacy of students towards independent and life-long learning.

Students borrow weekly with their classroom teacher and the library is open at lunch times for all students for recreational activities and for borrowing.

Life in the Library:

We aim:

  • To promote a love literature
  • To work with teachers so library activities are an extension of the classroom curriculum
  • To develop information skills through a wide range of resources; including books, email, internet and audio-visual.
  • To provide lunchtime activities that can be recreational as well as educational

How Can You Help?

  • Check that your child has a water proof library bag. (They are available from the uniform shop)
  • Know what day your children have library lessons… a gentle reminder to pack their library books into their school bags will help.
  • Please encourage your children to read every day. Reading to younger children is especially important.