About St Mark's School

​​​​St Mark's is a vibrant Catholic Primary School learning community, within the St Mark’s Parish, that is steeped in the Mercy charism and engages children from many cultural backgrounds.  With an enrolment of 508 students in 2022, we operate with three stream of all year levels. We stand proudly behind our motto - "Clearly and Boldly".

St Mark’s School has a proud tradition of ministry to children and families from lower socio-economic groups. It is a designated National Partnership school for low socio-economic schools.  The injection of Commonwealth funding is an exciting prospect whereby the whole school community will benefit from up-skilled teachers, the best programmes and the resources to make it happen. 
StMark's_051 (Small).JPGSt Mark’s School is also proud to welcome families from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds (In 2021, the student population from different cultural backgrounds was 82%.  The breakup of cultural heritage is Vietnamese 50%, Pacific Islander 20%, Anglo Saxon 5%, African 25% and other nationalities 5%). We believe this adds to the richness of our school community and provides our students with outstanding opportunities to develop and practise tolerance and inclusion.  Our parents, too, value and are proud to acknowledge their cultural background.  An increased acknowledgement of the indigenous heritage amongst our community has led to funding to support planned programs and resources.
The parent community at St Mark’s is supportive, committed to their children’s education and growing in their enthusiasm to be engaged in the life of the school. The teaching team is experienced, well qualified, and very dedicated to the students in their care but we are constantly aware that we are life-long learners so we have engaged many up-skilling initiatives.  The staff is structured into Learning Teams and Committees to address contemporary educational issues.
​Emerging from our history is a vibrant Catholic community where we strive to make Christ real each day for each person; where values are overt and based on the person of Jesus; where people live, learn and grow in harmony; where learning is valued and children are central to everything we do.

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