Curriculum Big Picture

​​​The Curriculum includes everything, formal and informal, inside and outside the classroom, that a student experiences at St Mark's. The curriculum consists of knowledge, thinking processes, skills and attitudes.

The school curriculum empowers learners of all ages to shape and enrich our changing world, by living the Gospel of Jesus. St Mark’s School sets a high standard across all subject fields.  We deliver the key learning areas (KLAs) plus a variety of additional subjects that are available for all students. Our teachers are committed and focused specialists in their field, and are trained to deliver the best possible learning outcomes.


The teachers from St Mark’s plan cooperatively to develop units of work to provide learning experiences that connect with and are relevant to young adolescent learners, while following the new Australian Curriculum. We engage in learning processes that explicitly develop reading, writing, critical thinking, decision-making and creativity.
We use the Brisbane Catholic Education Teaching and Learning Framework, which was developed as part of an ongoing process to support school communities as they implement learning and teaching within their school community.  The Learning Framework provides a beginning point for planning for learning at any level. It challenges and supports educators in our system to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of learners in our schools in the 21st century.  It is used as an approach to planning, teaching, assessment, evaluation and reporting. It is supported by, and in turn supports many other elements within Brisbane Catholic Education.
The Teaching and Learning Framework has an overarching goal for learning:
"As a Catholic Christian community we
educate all to live the gospel of Jesus
Christ as successful, creative and confident,
active and informed learners empowered to
shape and enrich our world."