School Uniform

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St. Mark’s requires students to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming to present an appropriate image of the school to the broader community and to each other.

Students from the St. Mark’s community are enrolled on the understanding that both parents and students appreciate and support the school’s uniform policy.

It would be unusual circumstances where a student does not wear full school uniform. An accompanying letter from a parent or guardian is requested to explain the circumstances.

Parents will be advised of any uniform breach and reminded of the school uniform policy immediately through either a phone call or letter. The uniform will need to be fixed by the following school day. In severe cases the school leadership team will take necessary action and decide on appropriate consequences for uniform breaches.

Formal Uniform


  • Green check uniform; button shirt with tie and bottle green culottes
  • Black school shoes
  • White socks – must be visible plain white; no brands, colours or designs
  • Green School Hat with school logo


  • Green check shirt with pocket
  • Bottle green shorts
  • Black school shoes
  • White socks – must be visible plain white; no brands, colours or designs
  • Green School Hat with school logo


Sports Uniform

Girls / Boys

  • Green polo shirt with collar trim (two white lines) & school name embroidered
  • Bottle Green shorts
  • Black shoes
  • White socks – must be visible plain white; no brands, colours or designs
  • Green School Hat with school logo

Winter Uniform

  • Bottle green tracksuit top (zip)PIN_5040.jpg
  • Bottle green tracksuit pants


  • Bottle green polo shirt​
  • School hat
  • Sports shorts
  • Black shoes that can be easily removed and put on by the children.                                                                                      

Hair and Grooming

  • Hair must be clean and groomed.
  • Hair should be kept neat and tidy.
  • Hair longer than collar length must be worn tied back/up with a bottle green or white hair accessory
  • Blade 3 is the shortest blade acceptable for all over cuts
  • Extreme hairstyles which draw attention to the student are not accepted and will not be permitted in any form (eg. undercut, rats tail, tracks, mohawk, buzz cut, dreadlocks)
  • Colour: unnatural hair colour which distracts from the natural look of an individual’s hair is not permitted in any form
  • Inappropriate hair colour or hairstyles will need to be changed within 24 hours.
  • Optional hair accessories for girls are available for purchase from the uniform shop.

Jewellery and Make-Up

  • Fingernail polish and make up are not to be worn to school
  • Girls may wear one small stud (no hoops). Choices should be restricted to small plain silver, gold or stones
  • No decorative jewellery.
  • A digital or analogue watch, which is not a toy, may be worn
  • Cultural or religious jewellery must be approved by the leadership team.


  • Students attend swimming lessons. The following items should be brought to school in a labeled bag on that day:
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Swimming attire; appropriate togs, swimmers, shorts, wet shirt.
  • Sandals/thongs may be worn to and from the pool
  • Swimming Goggles


A sun-safe policy is observed. ‘NO HAT, NO PLAY’ applies. Regulation School Hats are compulsory and available through our school office. The school insists that children bring their school hat to school every day and wear it when working/playing outside. Parents should encourage children to wear their hat to and from school.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is situated on the school premises next to the school tuck-shop. The shop is open each Friday from 8:00 am till 9:00 am.  Uniforms are also available for purchase online by using the application Qkr!

Instructions for this application are below and a direct link is also located on the school app.  

Most pieces of the St Mark’s uniform are available from the Uniform Shop including shorts, shirts, skorts, and winter uniforms. A St Mark’s school bag and a hat emblazoned with the school emblem are also available for purchase. Shoes and socks need to be obtained through other avenues.

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Qkr instructions Vietnamese.pdf