​St Mark’s offers a tuckshop to the students 3 days per week; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On these days students may order lunch for the first break only. Orders are able to be made using the online payment application called Qkr! (pronounced quicker).   Orders can be made by creating an account at this address 

https://qkr-store.qkrschool.com/store/#/home .  Once an account is created orders can be placed with a simple click of a button.  The school BCE Connect App also has a tile for direct and quick access to Qkr.  

The tuck shop will eventually move away from the paper bag system in 2022.  In the meantime, both forms of ordering will remain available to families.  Snacks, ice blocks, etc can still be purchased over the counter using cash.  ​

The ordered items are then returned to the classroom in the tuckshop box at the lunch break.

The tuckshop will also provide drinks, iceblocks, sandwiches and fruit, etc during both lunch breaks.

Breakfast is now free from 8 am every Monday and Tuesday (‘non-Tuckshop days’) for students who have not already eaten breakfast before school.

A menu can be viewed in Qkr!  For instructions on how to create an account click on the below document 

 Qkr instructions English.pdf

Qkr instructions Vietnamese.pdf